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Digging Deeper: Singing the Music of Elliott Carter

By Tony Arnold
Published on New Music Box, December 21, 2011

"It seems to me that the crux of the matter in grasping this difficult and satisfying music lies not in conquering its inherent and unavoidable technical issues. What’s crucial is finding the broader context in which those challenges can be seen not as obstacles to successful performance, but rather as essential musical materials that upon close investigation reveal important information about the nature of Carter’s music itself, its structure, aesthetic, and intent."

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A Profile of Soprano Tony Arnold—Guest Artist at Santa Fe Chamber Music Festival 2014

Interview by Sean Martinfield
Published in The Huffington Post, July 18, 2014

"In a way, Art Music has always been a quiet endeavor. Sometimes that is a hard thing to imagine in our world, which is all about grand gestures and big scale… But I think there is something about the nature of what we do that is very quiet and reaches people on a level that is body-by-body. If I thought I had to reach everybody, that would just be overwhelming. My dialogue with any audience is an immediate dialogue. It's happening right now and precisely in this moment. Between us. That's what makes me able to continue to do it."

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TA soundstreams concert

Q & A with soprano Tony Arnold: Soundstreams Blog

On the Canadian premiere of David Lang's "Whisper Opera" in February 2015.

"There is always a tension between outside and inside, between public and private. As a performer, often times we are asked to be the voice of private thoughts that may or may not be similar to our own. Performers are both focal points and conduits of universal emotions that audiences project onto in very personal ways. That’s part of the contract between artist and audience."


Six Questions RE: Kafka Fragments with soprano Tony Arnold

Interview by Megan Ihnen
Published on The Sybaritic Singer, December 2013

"What do you call someone who stuns you with performances of the most complex vocal music written as well as with amazing generosity of spirit? Why, Tony Arnold, of course.… Luckily for me (and for the Sybaritic Faithful), she agreed to talk 'all things Kafka Fragments' with me and generously provide her insights into her devotion and passion for this wonderful work."

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Shaping Her Own Path: Soprano Tony Arnold

Interview by Amanda Keil
Published in Classical Singer, November 2011

"The career of a singer of contemporary music happens largely outside of competitions and Young Artist Programs. Originally a pianist, then a practicing conductor, Arnold leveraged her numerous connections with performers and her earnest love of singing to create a career on her own terms. On the day of a Kurtág concert with the Either/Or Ensemble, she spoke with Classical Singer about her career in contemporary music."

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Making Meaningful Noise: Soprano Tony Arnold brings a performer's perspective to brand-new music

By David Raymond
Published in Eastman Notes, Summer 2009

"Tony Arnold, the soprano widely admired for her interpretation of contemporary repertoire, was in residence at Eastman as the third Howard Hanson Visiting Professor of Composition. The previous Hanson Professors are award-winning, widely known composers. Arnold is considered one of the top singers of contemporary repertoire today, but she is not a composer. The composers at Eastman didn't mind at all. "We wanted a fresh approach to the professorship," says associate professor of composition Carlos Sanchez-Gutierrez. "So we decided to try a performer–a performer who not only is committed to contemporary music, but who also is known for working closely with composers, and who is helping to develop a repertory."

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Interview: Boston New Music Initiative

On composers, voices & directions in new music. Recorded April 2014

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Interview on Fifth Floor Collective Blog

Published January 2014

"We're thrilled to present Tony Arnold, an acclaimed interpreter of contemporary music, on the program for our upcoming PLUGGED IN 2 concert (January 14!). She was kind enough to answer some of our questions. Enjoy, and be there on the 14th!"

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Podcast: Tony Arnold interviewed on My Ears are Open

By James Holt
Recorded in February, 2010

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